The Problem of the Twentieth Century:
"Poverty in the Midst of Plenty"

The Age of Abundance is upon us. Man need never again go hungry or cold. Natural resources abound, machines necessary to convert them into goods exist, and men are trained to operate these machines. The whole world now has the capability to support itself free from want and almost free from disease.

Nevertheless, many people today are still cold, hungry, and sick. In the past, when men starved, they did so because it was impossible for them to produce enough to eat. The Twentieth Century was the first time however, to see men cold, hungry, and idle in the midst of plenty.

                                    Beecher, Willard and Marguerite, The Problem of the Twentieth Century: Poverty in the Midst of Plenty, Chapter Five, Sin of Obedience, 1981

PeopleNow.org's Mission

The Universal Strategic Plan

Determine why we have and what can be done about  poverty, starvation, wars, refuges, homelessness, etc. all over the world and develop and maintain the nonpartisan, nonhierarchic (no sacred rulers), nonviolent Massive Global Movements and Universal Strategic Plan (USP) for a peaceful, prosperous, just sustainable world to help the public and private sectors better plan, organize, educate, collaborate and work together from a common set of plans to correct all the significant problems of the world.

The United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, all 194 countries of the world, including the U.S., agreed to implement the vital United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their countries. Developed countries, including the U.S., agreed to help developing countries with their implementation. President Obama has committed himself and our nation to implement them in the U. S. and help developing countries implmplement them.

By implementing the UN SDGs we will have: 

  • World peace, no nuclear weapons, no terrorist threats

  • Necessities of life and no hunger for all

  • Full employment at living wages

  • Mitigation of global warming and its effects

  • Quality healthcare and wellbeing

  • Quality lifelong education and training

  • Equality for all

  • Clean, renewable energy

  • Wealth equality

  • Inclusive, resilient, safe, cities, settlements, housing and much more

Above appropriately for all, affordable, resilient, sustainable and delivered in the most effective and efficient way


The Plan to Accelerate Implementation
of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Using the Universal Strategic Plan Now!
"By far the most important initiative in the world ever"

 Accelerating the implementation of the UN SDGs using the USP with both the public and private sectors collaborating and working together will rapidly solve every significant problem in the world and markedly improve the standard of living for all. For how the plan will be implemented, please go to: Implement UN SDGs Now! Using the USP "By far the most important initiative in the world ever"

Because this Plan will help implement all the UN SDGs all over the world it has many documents  some of which need to be edited, better integrated and completed. We need your help and realize that you are probably  very busy. So when you have the time, please review enough of this Plan to get a grasp of what needs to be done, focus on the areas in which you are interested and join the Massive Global Matrix Network. Thanks.


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