The Plan to Accelerate the Implementation of the
United Nations Sustainability Development Goals and Targets
Using the Universal Strategic Plan

The problems and challenges we face in the United States, the richest country in the world, are deplorable and worse in the developing countries of this world of abundance. Several are listed below.

For years, many individuals and organizations including have worked to resolve U.S. and global problems,  

Some organizations are working on completely new systems and systemic change. has:

In September 2015:

All 194 countries of the world, including the U.S., agreed to implement all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 Targets. Developed countries, including the U.S., agreed to help undeveloped countries implement the UN SDGs in their countries.

President Obama committed himself and our nation to implement all 17 UN SDGs and 169 Targets in an outstanding, inspiring speech at the United Nations in New York - Remarks by the President on Sustainable Development Goals

This means that President Obama and our country are committed to end poverty, hunger, wars, inequalities, provide full employment at decent wages, combat climate change and its impacts and provide equal justice for all among many other things in the U.S. and in undeveloped countries. This could be President's legacy.

Rapidly implementing the UN SDGs and Targets is essential to guarantee the survival and improvement of civilization as we know it. With a massive amount of planning, educating and everyone possible collaborating and working together using the USP to implement the UN SDGs and Target and TAPs, every significant problem in the world will be corrected has converted its three dozen Action Plans into UN SDG Target Action Plans (TAPs), is developing  additional TAPs and including all of them in the Common Agenda. The Common Agenda  provides a  Glossary of Terms and a description of its Standard Numbering System for all its documents.

In his book, The Sane Society, Eric Fromm states: "Change must be a simultaneous change in economic, education, political and cultural spheres. Changes restricted to one sphere are destructive of every change." This requires a holistic approach be used for which we have developed The Holistic Strategy to Implement the UN SDGs Using the USP.

The prescribed completion for most of the SDGs and Targets are too many years in the future and have been changed to "as rapidly as possible." Many unnecessary deaths will occur otherwise.

Funding provided to implement the UN SDGs and Targets is grossly insufficient.

In his article The Case for Surge Funding, George Soros states: “The international community is still vastly underestimating what is needed to support refugees [and the starving, sick, impoverished, etc.] ... Rather than scraping together insufficient funds year after year, it is time to engage in surge funding [and donations]. Spending a large amount of money up front would be far more effective than spending the same amount over several years.”

For example, USP TAPs call for donating enough food, clean water, shelter, health care, seeds, plants, photo-voltaic cells, cash, etc. so that each person has at least twelve dollars' worth of the necessities of life per day. The faster the donations are made, the faster the people will become self-sufficient and the faster the amount of required donations will ramp down to zero..

In the article 'Noam Chomsky: 2016 Election Puts US at Risk of "Utter Disaster"', Chomsky states: "We live in critical and dangerous times, and further "We need "very substantial educational and organizational activities … directed substantially toward developing a popular movement that will not fade away.”

Yes we must Build the Global Factual Information and Education Program  and Refine and Maintain The Massive Global Matrix Network (MGMN) to have "very substantial educational and organizational activities” and a massive global movement that definitely "will not fade away."

Essentially we must rapidly get scores of millions of people in the world self-sufficient, educated and organized and working on Urgent UN SDGs, Targets and TAPs in particular TAP #25 Decrease The Rate and Degree of Climate Change and Mitigate its Adverse Effects

Anyone with ideas or current cause not already included in the Common Agenda  are welcomed to add it as a UN SDG Target Action Plan (TAP). Targets can be found at UN SDGs & 169 Targets and examples in the Common Agenda.

The U.S. will provide a model for other nations to use to implement the UN SDGs and Targets.

This USP focuses primarily on the United States Federal Government. Parallel, individual plans that mimic the plans for the U.S. should be prepared for cities, states, other nations, the United Nations and its related organizations.

All the elements of the USP can be accessed via the menu to the left.

The USP is not intended to slow or stop any ongoing, meaningful work.

The problems and challenges we face: (Please note that some of this data requires updating):

Also please see Problems and Challenges and Urgent Need for comprehensive reform

Please review the parts of the UN SDGs, Targets and TAPs and USP in which you are interested, Subscribe to work on specific Actions or SDG Target Action Plans from the Common Agenda with others, and/or have your organization or you become an Equal Partner in the Massive Global Matrix Network.

Please recommend additional items or modifications by email to: or fax 703-521-0849 note that UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and SDG Targets and Target Action Plans {TAPs) are uniquely numbered making it easy to recommend changes. The digits before the first decimal point is the document number and the digits after the first decimal point identify what the element is for, e.g. decimal .4 are all actions to be implemented.

We Are at a Crossroads

If we continue with the current failed militarism, monetary and political systems, allow corporation executives to continue controlling our public servants, institutions and elections and do not work together using a common set of plans, the result will be:

1. Increasing worldwide unemployment, poverty, malnutrition, hunger, diseases, homelessness, wealth divide and a massive depression

2. Cuts in Social Security, Medicare, welfare programs and public services

3. Endless wars, occupations, militarism and empire building

4. Increasing global warming, rising sea levels and super storms

5. More torture, abuse, extraordinary renditions, false arrests and non-judicial killings

6. Chronic water and energy shortages, environment degradation and natural resource depletion


I wish to thank all who have contributed to this work and apologize for not finding the time to acknowledge all the contributors.

The USP is a work in progress and by no means complete. It provides a framework into which additional ideas and elements can easily be inserted. Questions, comments, suggestions, and help —to refine-and-implement the MGM&USP—are welcome and can be forwarded to via email or fax (703) 521-0849.

If we work together, continually refine and implement all this we will have a permanently peaceful, prosperous, just, sustainable world. And be a model for all countries 


Ron Fisher
Captain US Navy (retired)
Coordinator, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, Peace through Justice (GPtJ) Working Group
Coordinator, Veterans for Peace (VFP) Democracy, Constitution, War Powers and Prosecute War Criminals Working Groups
Arlington, VA 22204
(703) 725-7849
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