All Countries of the World Have Agreed to Implement
The UN Sustainable Development Goals
"By far the most important Movement in the world ever"

The entire world, including the United States, has agreed to implement the 17 UN SDGs and their 169 Targets in their countries. Developed countries, including the U.S., agreed to help all the developing countries with their implementation. This means all 194 countries of the world have committed to resolve all the significant problems of the world and to have: 

  • World peace, no nuclear weapons, no militarism and very few if any terrorist threats

  • No poverty or hunger

  • Full employment and guaranteed living incomes

  • Mitigation of global warming and its adverse effects

  • Single-payer heathcare for all with no co-payment or supplementals

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    We the people should insist that our governments implement the SDGs, collaborate with them and help them do it.


Global Movement and Universal Strategic Plan

PeopleNow.org working with many others had developed the proposed non-violent, non-partisan, non--hierarchic (no sacred ruler) Global Movement and Universal Strategic Plan (USP) for a peaceful, prosperous, just, sustainable world which included 33 dozen action plans in various stages of development.

Plan to Rapidly Implement UN SDG TAPs

PeopleNow.org has converted its three dozen Action Plans into SDG Target Action Plans (TAPs) and is developing about ten additional TAPs all in a standard format and all in various stages of development.. Each TAP has many multiple individual Target Actions (TAs). These TAPS cover about 35% of the SDGs 169 Targets in particular the more urgent ones..

Attachment A of the Common Agenda of TAPS and USP Documentss provides a Glossary of Terms and Description of the Standard Numbering System for UN SDG TAPs, SDG TAs and USP Documents.

All the existing TAPs have been integrated into the Plan to Rapidly Implement UN SDG TAPS which provides for full-funding, collaboration and ensures everything is covered.

The assistance of organizations and individuals is needed to help implement the SDG TAPs. Individuals do not need to read or understand the entire plan. Individuals can find the TAP or TA in which they are interested by reviewing the Plan to Rapidly Implement UN SDG TAPS or by going to the Global Matrix Network Sign-Up Sheet where you can also provide feedback, proposed additions and information about you and your interest and sign up to join a working group when you are ready.



Plan to Develop TAPs
for all UN SDG Targets

Please support these efforts financially if you can afford a tax-deductible donations. This will help accelerate their implementation.





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Introduction to www.PeopleNow.org, the Universal Strategic Plan, UN Sustainable Development Goals and  UN SDG
Target Action Plans (TAPs)

Plan to Rapidly Implement Urgent UN SDG TAPs to End Wars, Unemployment Poverty, Hunger, etc. and Combat Climate Change
 Funding & Donations Sources to fully Implement UN SDG TAPs and Reduce Inequalities  

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